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A wife, mom, daughter, sister, dog mom, and award-winning graphic designer

My creative flow is influenced by who I am.  Whether I’m exploring the lush tropics of the south pacific islands, the effervescent bayou, the majestic northwest mountains, or the mighty Great Lakes, my work is inspired by the natural color combinations and cultures I’ve experienced. The love of my family-human and animal-gives me the strength and motivation to produce quality and effective designs. My tie to my current profession is rooted in hot metal printing. My father was a printer, and I frequently visited his work site. I learned his trade by observing, asking questions, and interpreting upside down and backward typeface, the printing technique used in that era.  The printing profession shaped my career path, and I spent over 30 years in the newspaper pre-press/graphic design industry before establishing my own business. 


With my wealth of experience, I can help you find your color pallet and transform the look and image of your business or project. I take pride in my work and providing exceptional customer service, whether the assignment is large or small.   

The samples and testimonials included on my site reflect the heart and soul I put into each project. When you hire Lynn Graphics, the finished product will be a vibrant and positive visual statement. Let's meet and get started on creating your STANDOUT presentation.

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