with your DATA.

Presenting reader-friendly, visually impressive reports of any size.

Lynn Graphics will design your overall look for the report. Adding the core elements, designing master page layouts, infographics and any pre-press work, to make your report impressive!


Lynn Graphics collaborates with ExceLance on these data-driven reports. Excelance specializes in the data carpentry needed to transform raw data into beautiful and informative charts and tables, then inserting them into reports such that up to hundreds or thousands of reports are created, each with their own respective charts pertaining to their own data. Essentially, ExceLance automates the production of reports where there are multiple sites/schools/districts/etc... The use of automation in this way allows for fast and cost-effective production of reports as well as fast edits, where requested. 

When you're ready contact either one of us!

Use the link below to visit Excelance website.


what we offer:

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